GRACE 3.83

$ 7,160

Vintage Aquamarine and Diamond Engagement Ring - GRACE 3.83 Carats


  • This absolutely gorgeous AAA vintage 3.5 carat oval aquamarine center surrounded by 30 full cut diamonds were once part of a vintage necklace reborn into a beautiful engagement ring inspired by Royalty.
  • This ring's name and design was inspired by the absolute grace embodied by three women of modern Royalty...  
  • Princess Diana, Duchess Catherine, and Duchess Meghan... The shape of the ring represents Princess Diana's engagement ring, now worn by her son's wife Duchess Catherine, and the Aquamarine center stone represents newly made Royal... Duchess Meghan, who on her wedding day, was gifted a beautiful aquamarine ring previously owned by and beloved by Harry's mother Diana. 
  • The EDEN LUXE Bridal Vintage Ring Collection rings have been selected for their unique beauty, quality and elegance. All rings have been inspected and verified by an independent Graduate Gemologist / Certified Gemologist Appraiser with over 39 years experience in the estate and fine jewelry industry. 


  • Metal: 14K White Gold
  • Period: Stones: Estate Vintage - Circa 1960's Setting: Modern Era 
  • AAA Grade Aquamarine center stone - 3.50 carats
  • Measurements: 12mm x 10mm x 6.5mm
  • 30 Full Cut Diamonds surrounding the center stone - 0.33 Carats
  • Color: G
  • Clarity: VS1-VS2
  • Total Carat Weight: = 3.85 carats
  • Current Size: 6 (Initial Resizing is Complimentary)
  • Photography Note:
  • These rings were not photographed in a hermetically sealed clean room and despite continual use of can-of-air, scotch tape, and a myriad of other dust removal techniques...  there still are some specks of dust that show up in photos on the surface of the Aquamarine stone that look like pits in the stone due to such high resolution photography.
  • The stone does NOT have defects, pits or dings on the surface of the stone, It's beautiful and looks perfect in real life... in the photo - it's just dust. 
  • Ring video available on our Instagram Stories 


        "Heather- I am so in love! Thank you so much! I JUST DIED!!!!!!!!! ITS SO SO SO SO SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'll send you a picture as soon as I can. I'm going to take a whole photo shoot! I haven’t taken it off since I got it! I am so so so in love with this ring!" - Chantel
        "The ring arrived this morning and I am thrilled! The presentation is classy and romantic (including the blue Mrs. Box, thank you) and the ring itself is perfect! Thank you so, so much! I could not have asked for a better buying experience."- Krystin


        • If you have any questions, need more photos, or just need help deciding which ring will be best for you or your Fiancee, please just message and I'm happy to help!!!! 
        • We LOVE chatting with our clients and creating custom pieces! Please message us at



        • The ring will be enclosed inside of a beautiful EDEN LUXE Bridal signature beribboned keepsake box. (We are OBSESSED with pretty packaging!)
        • Inside of that... your ring will be securely tucked into a genuine heirloom velvet "Mrs. Box" like the ones shown in the ring photos. The Mrs Box color sent will be the "Cardiff" blue color, "Rushmore", "Vera", or other gorgeous color based on availability. 
        • Your fiancee WILL become obsessed with this almost $100 monogrammable heirloom ring box and beyond impressed that you actually got her one... you'll see. Check out @the_mrs_box on Instagram. If she doesn't already know about them- she will... and you will score even MORE points that you got her one!



        "Heather, I just received my package.... there are absolutely NO words. I'm beyond stunned at the workmanship and perfection I'm looking at... I'm sure I'll have more words when my eyeballs are back in their sockets and my jaw is back off the floor... but right now - I'm just truly stunned. Really - my brain is frozen in this moment. Thank you doesn't begin to cover the feelings I have right now. It was the absolute perfect headpiece for me and for the simple dress I have. Thank you a thousand times. Truly impressive. Rivals the $77,000 diamond Tiara I was coveting! Your new BFF - forever... Linda"

        "This is the most amazing piece of collectable, heirloom pieces I have ever seen. The quality is exquisite and the Swarovski stones really do sparkle like diamonds. Not only is ELB (Eden Luxe Bridal) the most customer-service focused shop I've had the pleasure of working with on Etsy, the beautiful tiaras are second to none. Don't trust the imitations you may see on here; ELB designs are copyrighted...and buying the ORIGINAL is worth every penny! <3"

        "I am IN LOVE with this tiara! It's perfect in every way! I spent about 4 months searching online & at bridal shows for the perfect tiara & couldn't find one for the life of me! I was hoping to find something that combined my three primary inspirations: the bridals looks of Duchess Kate, Princess Madeleine of Sweden, & Lady Mary from Downton Abbey. The craftsmanship is GORGEOUS! Absolutely excellent quality! Heather is a total sweetheart too and is very easy to work with and bounce ideas off of. Excellent customer service! :) " - Nicole

         Velvet Boxes: The Mrs Box

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