Hi Everyone! I'm Heather Eden, the Creatrix of EDEN LUXE Bridal!

Thanks for stopping by my Happy Place! 

I absolutely LOVE everything Bridal and helping other Brides to create the wedding of their dreams! My husband says that when I create sparkly things and talk about weddings or wedding accessories, "I just light up from within!" 

I'm going to share why I started EDEN LUXE Bridal in the first place, what MATTERS to me personally... and why I consider it truly an HONOR to adorn a Bride with my pieces on her wedding day.


So here it goes... 

I have a general obsession with Period Dramas (I call them "Outfit Movies"), Tiaras, Crowns, Headpieces, Royal Jewels... and of course all things Bridal. That part began while planning my own wedding. 


I also have a deep craving to reconnect with an "older way", a more elegant, European, and slightly slower way of life... a grander and more sensory oriented way of life lived years ago (like in all the Outfit Movies I am obsessed with)... and I was struggling to find a way to bring some semblance of that into my own modern busy, disconnected life.


I wanted to feel that old world level of luxury... extreme attention to detail, bespoke regal elegance and have an actual connectedness with the maker and purveyor of the things I surrounded myself with... and I needed to find a way to get it - for myself. 

 (This whole philosophy which by the way, has become the absolute foundation of EDEN LUXE Bridal... )



So... fast forward to about a year after I was married, I was talking to one of my friends who was in the throes of planning her own wedding, and lamenting about how much I missed the planning and the process of dressing and accessorizing for my own wedding. 



Annnnd, then it hit me like a ton of bricks... what better way to do that, share it... meet my continual need to make sparkly things, AND indulge my Outfit Movie, Tiara, Crown, Royal Jewels, and Bridal obsession?


Create a company and a Bridal line that would allow me to surround myself with the things I love and create the regal elegant feeling I want in my own life! Yay!!!

 Ta Da!!!!!!!!! EDEN LUXE Bridal was born!!!!



I established EDEN LUXE Bridal on Etsy in 2012  - and I've personally helped thousands of Brides around the world create their dream wedding day look with my Couture Bridal Adornments and Bespoke Wedding Accessories...

Annnndd, paired with my innate "Wedding Fairy Godmother" Styling sense... Voila! I created an environment of elegance and regal old world luxury - for the Modern Bride... and Me!!!!!!!!! 

And now... EDEN LUXE Bridal has had the honor to be part of countless weddings all over the globe, and is frequently featured in popular wedding and lifestyle publications and blogs and has and over 700+ 5 Star Rating feedback on Etsy. 

Here's where the Wedding Fairy Godmother part comes in...

I happen to be excellent at Bridal Styling and totally LOVE doing it... feel free to read my reviews from my Etsy shop - I'm not kidding about ROCKING at it!... LOL!  

So if you want some help in that arena... just message me from the Styling Page - send me a photo of your gown, tell me a bit about your vision... and POOF I will help turn you into the Bridal Princess of your dreams!


All of the pieces in the EDEN LUXE Bridal Collection are lovingly handmade and packaged with the FINEST quality materials and extreme attention to detail.  


I also LOVE doing Bespoke / Custom work... and when creating custom pieces for Brides, I work closely with them via email, FaceTime, Skype and phone calls to help align my designs with their wedding vision.

Taking into account their wedding gown details, the feeling and flow of their wedding venue, and the Bridal look that they have been dreaming of creating ever since they have been a little girl.

I'm super persnickety about getting everything just right for each and every Bride and ensuring that my designs and accessories make her feel even more special and beautiful!


I am OBSESSED with creating unique, TRULY LUXE sparkly Bridal and Wedding Accessories that capture the feminine essence and specialness associated with being a Bride... and providing you to another opportunity to revel in the beauty of every MOMENT of the MOST INCREDIBLE day of your life!



EDEN LUXE Bridal Products include:

Exquisite Handmade and Vintage-Inspired Bridal Tiaras and Wedding Crowns · Couture Handmade Bridal Veils · Bridal Headpieces · Swarovski Crystal Tiaras · Gemstone Bridal Tiaras · Full Crowns · Bridal Headbands · Freshwater Pearl Hair Accessories · Couture Swarovski Crystal Bridal Sashes · Regal Simulated Diamond / Cubic Zircona Bridal Jewelry · Luxury Lace Wedding Garters



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